Rebelliouswhitequeen (gothatheartholo) wrote in kh_momentum_ff,

Whoo hoo~ first post!

XD I normally don't like xposting my stuff to any communities save my epic fanfics, but... I'll make an exception to this one because it's for pink_shok! 

Title: Ronca
Fandom: ff7
Author: Gothatheartholo
Pairing: Rufus/Reno with a mention of CloudReno because that’s how I work, zoto yo!
Rating: PG13 because of the characters alone. X.x Possible crack, but I’m not sure, really.
Disclaimer: don’t own.
Summary: Reno tries to “help” Rufus with his “problem”.
A/n: Persuaded heavily by Pink_shok or Seifer!mun, I decided to write this for her bday. XD Whoo, happy bday, Seifer!mun! Much love. This is also inspired by that witch doctor song (don’t ask me how) and my psych class. This is probably post!AC.

Harsh? Oh yeah....
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