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30_sex_scenes: A Challenge Community

30_sex_scenes: A Challenge Community

Can't get enough smut? Looking for prompts for smut writing? Well this community is for you! It's completely laid back, post when you have time and the inspiration to write! All you have to do is join, make a claim, and then post away! You can get help when needed, just ask seducedbywords or the other mod. ^_^ We know our kinks.

1. feather
2. vibrator
3. handcuffs
4. dildo
5. sexswing
6. vouyerism
7. exhibitionism
8. cockring
9. paddles
10. fisting
11. collars
12. whips
13. threesome
14. cock and ball torture (CBT)
15. anal beads
16. hogtied
17. nipple clamps
18. forced orgasm
19. rape fantasy
20. floggers
21. silk
22. bound
23. orgy
24. gags
25. candle wax
26. rimming
27. catheterization
28. chastity belts
29. tape
30. crossdressing

31. 69
32. roleplay
33. autoerotic-asphyxiation
34. lolita
35. foot fetish

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