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RPG AD OF DOOM because I'm a mod and can do this. :3

empty sky: a futuristic Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy AU RPG


The Federation.

Maybe it's just me but something about that sounds ominous, right? I dunno about you, but I'm sure glad I've got a job; I don't think I could be a part of them. They say they fight for the good of humanity, but I dunno. There's some underlying... evil that I can't put my finger on...

But it's not like the Black Faction or the Renegades sound any better. The only ones who seem to have gotten away with a normal life are those of us living on the planets, away from the battles in space. Of course, we do live in semi-fear of being drafted into the Federation, or being caught and sent out into the fathoms of space like the Renegades, or getting captured by the Black Faction, but for the most part, we're pretty lucky.

Pretty lucky indeed.



For the past 28 years, people have been advancing technologically, making space exploration not only possible, but also a common occurrence. Industrialization has begun all over the galaxy, some planets faster than others, which has created "time warps"; while one planet might be launching people into space for vacation, its neighbor might be living in the middle ages.


With this technological advancement, something else comes: war. The Federation claims to fight for the greater good of mankind. The Black Faction fights for whatever they want, and the Renegades just try to stay alive.

Then why is it that the Federation seems to have the highest body count of them all?

The Federation: a living mystery. They say they fight for the people, then kill them off silently in the background when they get in the way. They're a contradiction in themselves, and no one quite understands their motives. Except, of course, the big wigs in charge of it. Known for drafting unemployed people from the planets to work for them, and a natural enemy of the citizens, despite being the ones controlling everything about the worlds.

The Black Faction: they fight for what they want and will do whatever it takes to get it. The labeled "bad guys" of space, they're the most common of the alliances to be in some war or another, and it's generally with the Federation. Anti-everything except themselves, they don't care about kidnapping when they need to.

The Renegades: fighting from the sidelines. They're wanted dead or alive, and often times their goals aren't even known amongst them. They work alone; small crews, and even smaller groups of allies. You never know when the one you trust could betray you to the Federation. They're bounty hunters. The main rule? Don't talk about your past, and I won't ask.

The Neutrals: everyone else. The citizens of the planets, the ones who live in fear of every alliance, even their own. Who works for the Federation and who doesn’t? Your neighbor could be listening in to your conversations and betray you faster than a Renegade would. Work and you'll be safe... for the most part.

This is the world we live in: fighting among the stars.

And most of us wouldn't change a thing.

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